The owner of Manlius Motor Works. Brian loves his work. While not working he likes thinking about work. Besides automotive work Brian enjoys drinking any juice from a box or pouch and toasting marshmallows to a perfect golden brown on a hot exhaust manifold. In his free time, he enjoys riding his unicycle while eating cotton candy until he feels sick.


Sarah has been around cars her whole life. As soon as she was able to drive she started delivering parts to MMW. Now she orders the parts along with keeping our shop in order. Sarah was professionally trained in the culinary arts. She loves to cook for her family on Sundays and often makes extra to feed our crew on Mondays. We love her Kraft Mac and Cheese because she mixes in those delicious little cocktail weenies. Sarah also enjoys dressing like Jack LaLanne and wearing shoes that hurt her feet. Every Friday, after a long, tough week of work, Sarah [AKA Cinderella] can be heard saying “I’m going to Disneyland!”


In his spare time Travis enjoys hunting chipmunks. He also loves screaming children and talking to people while they are on the phone. When not riding his Harley Travis can be found eating pickled herring in his hammock. He also loves bragging about how fast his Firebird will be when complete in 2068.


Has been in the automotive universe forever. Scott was at the table when the wheel was invented. He used to maintain Fred Flinstone’s roadster. Scott has been with MMW since MMW has had employees. In his spare time enjoys damaging his hearing with his custom built guitar amplifiers, and trying to get old British motorcycles to stop leaking oil. Scott has proven that man can live on pretzels alone.


Jeff aka “Cheft”, has a special set of skills used here at Manlius Motor Works. He can drink a coffee and eat a cream filled donut with his left hand while turning a wrench with his right. Wearing many hats, he can replace roof shingles or plug that exhaust leak using duct tape. On the Fridays of his choosing, he makes the shop pizza on an old oil drum using shop rags soaked in gasoline as a heat source. Delizioso! While not at Manlius Motor Works he can be found at one of many small lakes playing the catch and release game with small mouth bass, using the canoe he carved from petrified wood with a Bic pen and an arrowhead he found camping as a small boy. He also spends most Saturday nights washing and combing his hair to perfection. In his free time Jeff enjoys drawing human portraits minus their flesh.


Is the keeper of all things MMW. Monitors parking lot speed limit of 3mph. Makes sure Tula and Mae have many treats daily, that they are clean and hair looks good. If you are spotted using a tool incorrectly you will find welts on your backside from a rubber fuel hose. Keeps MMW green by recycling all paper and plastic…and drinking as much waste oil as possible.


Tula’s job is to protect the shop and grounds. She may look tough from behind the gate. But she’s really just a sweetheart. Tula also enjoys crushing red bull cans for recycling.


Mae is the brains behind the operation. Any important decisions come directly from her. Loves to escape and tell Manlius residents the location of Manlius Motor Works.


Frida is the newest employee in the K9 division. Relocating from South Carolina where she was a pit master’s assistant, she has been searching for some good barbeque n NY. Frida patrols the Manlius Motor Works compound while keeping all birds and hawks from entering our air space, while also preventing woodchucks, squirrels and chipmunks from trespassing.


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