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Meet our crew and see what makes them tick

Meet our crew and see what makes them tick


The owner of Manlius Motor Works. Brian loves his work. While not working he likes thinking about work. Aside from automotive work, Brian is very talented at eating spicy food and enjoys sampling craft beer. In his free time Brian can be spotted competing on racetracks throughout the Northeast in a car that can’t seem to break the speed limit.


In the eight years Mike has been with Manlius Motor Works 7.99 of those years have been spent sitting down on the job. Mike is the proud owner of a 2013 VW GTI. He also owns a 1966 Ford Mustang he has been watching rust away in his garage for the last 26 years. Mike enjoys eating everything loaded with Mayo. Hates Ketchup. His favorite phrase is “OK”.


In his spare time Travis enjoys hunting chipmunks. He also loves screaming children and talking to people while they are on the phone. When not riding his Harley Travis can be found eating pickled herring in his hammock. He also loves bragging about how fast his Firebird will be when complete in 2068.


Loves protein shakes, lifting heavy stuff and tanning at Sylvan Beach. He also enjoys weekly hair stylings every Friday. Falls for the old “banana in the tailpipe” every time. A big fan of VW bugs. Always buying and trading custom vehicles to keep up with the latest fads. For excitement Timmy likes to watch his dog sleep.


Tula’s job is to protect the shop and grounds. She may look tough from behind the gate. But she’s really just a sweetheart.


Mae is the brains behind the operation. Any important decisions come directly from her.

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